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Making a permanent job offer to an offshore skilled worker can be an effective way to fill a full-time position in your company and bring needed skills to company in a roundabout way.

Do you want to hire a superior workforce at offshore location? Data Entry India can help you to find skilled workers, we hire some of the best talent for your ventures so that you can use your time and efforts in more important work.

We have a checklist for hiring employees and it helps us to systematize process for hiring employees, whether it's your first offshore employee or one of many employees we don’t neglect any of our checklist point.

Hiring an offshore dedicated team is one of the most preferred options for companies (such as e-commerce, healthcare, finance, publishing) who require continuous data entry, data processing, BPO and other back office related work.

An offshore dedicated team gives you advantage of working with expert executives or operators on fixed monthly prices. The full-time team or person works dedicatedly on your account as per the instructions provided by you. For better communication, the team will be in touch with you via Skype, email, phone from our office.

Our quality assurance processes ensure that the output results meet your expectations and company standard. Also, our fee packages are reasonable which you will find within your budget.

Our checklist for hiring employees:

  • Think creatively about how to accomplish work without adding staff
  • Determine the need for a new or replacement position
  • Develop and prioritize the key requirements needed from the position
  • Develop the job description for the position
  • Determine the salary range for the position
  • Hold the interviews with each interviewer
  • Try to select internal candidate for the position
  • If don't find suitable candidate then recruit new candidates
  • Check qualification, skill set and past experience
  • Put on trial period and select for the position if candidate performs extraordinary
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