Offshore Image Indexing Services

Outsource image indexing services to Data Entry India, we offer precise and quality data entry services for scanned documents such as e-Books, e-Novels, Yellow Pages, Journals and Magazines at an economical rate with fast turnaround-time.

Image Indexing is actually processing document images to extract essential information from the scanned papers / receipts / bills / invoices and other electronic files storage. We perform offshore image indexing or data entry to build an index database as per the instructions provided by client, also we do image indexing directly into client’s indexing application using remote desktop.

Offshore Image Indexing Services Process:


Clients upload images / scanned documents on ftp server.


Project Manager or Team Leader downloads those source documents from ftp server and they analyze scanned images to make process faster and error free.


Execution team members perform data entry on web based application or into spreadsheet template (CSV format) suggested by client.


Quality Assurance (QA) team checks all leads based on checkpoints created by PM or TL.


Final product delivery via email or ftp (depends on size).

Our Featured Offshore Image Indexing Services Include:

  • Book Content Indexing
  • Handwritten Documents Indexing
  • Business Directory Indexing
  • Phonebook Indexing
  • Visiting Cards Indexing
  • Hotel / Restaurant Bills, Invoices, Receipts Indexing
  • School / University admission forms Indexing
  • Any type of image Indexing work
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