Image Masking Services

Image or Photo Masking is a process of alteration in image aspects to hide defected parts or objects by enhancing the appearance of main object. Alternatively, image masking is a process of isolating a specific part of picture where the edges are not clearly defined. It helps to grab attention on key object by masking other unwanted or un-useful parts.

We have skilled workforce with expertise in photo masking services. Our latest software, technology and infrastructure help us to provide high-quality image masking outsourcing solutions to worldwide customers. Our team can handle easy as well as complex image masking projects with quick turnaround without compromising on international quality standard.

Original - Man holding beer
Processed - Man holding beer

Photo masking is an arduous and time consuming task, which can take 10 minutes with an image and 3 hrs with an image depends on complexity involved. Our experienced graphics editor can do masking for hair, fur, semi-transparent or semi-translucent images like glasses, feathers, smoke, flames, lighting, clothes etc.

Advantages of Outsourcing Image Masking Services to Us:

When you choose us as your offshore image masking services partner, you not only save on time, money and efforts but also become more productive. Our experienced photo masking team has more than 15 years of experience in image masking services and delivered countless projects successfully.

Latest Photo Editing Software

We use advanced photo editing tools, technology, techniques and software to provide you high quality results with maximum productivity. Our image masking professionals are adept at handling any type of image masking services requirement.

100% Security and Confidentiality

When you outsource photo masking services to us, you can be assured of complete data privacy and confidentiality. Your valuable images will not be shared and published without your written consent.

Secure File Transfer Platforms

As a leading image masking company in India, we understand the value of data security therefore we deliver your edited pictures using secured file transfer platforms.

Bulk Order Discount

Our image masking services are highly affordable by any size of company. We have discounted price plans for large volume projects or bulk orders. Our dedicated photo masking teams work in multiple shifts to deliver big ventures timely without compromising on quality.

Our image editing services or photo masking services are suitable for professional photographers, photo studios, online art galleries, antique product seller, e-book editors and publishers, real estate agents, catalog publishers and e-commerce online stores. We can comfortably process different format images such as jpeg, tiff, png, gif, psd, pdf, Raw, CR3, NEF, etc.

Our Professionals Have Expertise in Handling Following Processes:

  • Transparency Masking
  • Alpha Channel Masking
  • Collage Masking
  • Complex Layer Masking
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