Mailing List Cleanup Services

For successful marketing campaigns, it is very important that mailing list is clean, accurate and up-to-date. Managing and maintaining mailing list is very tedious and complex task. To feel free from this tedious task, you can outsource mailing list cleanup services to Data Entry India a premier data entry company in India.

Data Entry India provides up-to-date mailing list cleanup services which fully satisfied client’s business requirements and helping them target the right audience. Our professional teams verify, validate and update the email addresses of prospects customers so that you can easily reach out them and maximize your campaign results. Also, we eliminate non-deliverable data elements such as honeypots, third party seeds, secondary moles, etc. to avoid you blacklisted.

Our Process of Mailing List Cleanup Services

At Data Entry India, we offer a wide range of mailing list cleanup services for maintaining a good bonding with both existing and prospects customers. We offer:

Duplicates Records: Our team cleans your mailing list by remove duplicates and wrong entered email ids.

Verify Addresses: Test the email addresses for deliverability and determine non-existent addresses.

Identifying Missing Entries: We find out missing addresses and complete them.

Add Subscribers: We add new subscribers and update the existing ones.

Maintain Mailing List: We maintain and update the mailing list on regular basis.

Segment Email List: Our team segmenting the email lists by location, interests and buying history.

Remove Errors: Our experts flagging invalid domains, syntax and format errors.

We have been serving mailing list cleanup services across the globe from the last 15+ years. We also provide B2B and B2C mailing list that boost the performance of email marketing campaigns.

Why Outsource Mailing List Cleanup Services to Data Entry India?

At Data Entry India, we provide comprehensive range of mailing list cleanup services to all industries such as real estate, finance, legal, telecommunications, automotive, human resource and market research etc. When you outsource mailing list cleanup services to us then you can get following benefits

You can lose up to 25% of your revenue if you have bad quality data. When you outsource mailing list cleanup services to us, we can help you to save it.

Benefits of Outsourcing Mailing List Cleanup Services to Us:

  • Cost-effective and reasonable price
  • Advance technology and tools
  • Complete data security and confidentially
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Accurate and up-to-date mailing lists
  • Boost conversion rates
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • Reduce the number of complaints, bounces and spam
  • Increase email deliverability
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