Data Quality Management Services

Data quality is the main factor of any business as it affects the ability to perform certain business functions. Data quality removes incorrect and outdated records from database to save time and resources. Data Entry India offers a complete range of data quality management services. We have a large team of quality assurance professionals who helps you to maintain your database quality.

Key Features of our Data Quality Management Services:

We provide a wide range of data quality management services to support clients across the world. We help you to keep database up-to-date. Our services include:

Data Scrubbing / Data Cleansing Services

With our data cleansing services, we help you to find incorrect entries and remove them from the database. Our team also help to add missing information to make the database complete. In our data scrubbing services we correct typos and any spelling mistakes.

Data De-duplication

Data de-duplication services help you to get rid of duplicate entries. Our professionals remove duplicates entries from the database by using data matching and merging techniques.

Data Standardization

We are expert in providing standardizing names, addresses, phone numbers etc. with 99% accuracy.

Data Enrichment Services

To identify and eliminate incorrect records from the database, we need data enrichment services. It also adds data from multiple sources if the data is incomplete to remain maintain its quality.

Data Verification / Validation

In data verification and validation services, our professionals verify and validate customer information such as phone numbers, addresses, email addresses and fax numbers etc. With the help of our data verification and validation services you get authentic contact information.

Mailing List Cleanup

With the help of our mailing list cleanup services, you get accurate and up-to-date email list. Our team removes old, duplicate and undeliverable email addresses so that you get right set of customers at the right address every time.

E-mail Validation

In our email validation services, our aim is to deliver emails to customer’s inbox successfully.

Email Appending Services

At Data Entry India, we provide you email appending services to get back your missing email addresses so that you save your mailing cost.

Why Outsource Data Quality Management Services to Data Entry India?

  • To keep your databases accurate and up-to-date
  • Cleanse and de-duplicate data for quality marketing campaigns
  • Save your time and company cost up to 65%-70%
  • 24x7 customers support
  • Fastest turnaround time with outstanding accuracy
  • Total confidentiality and data privacy
Getting Started!

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