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Nowadays, HTML conversion has been a widely used document format in all companies. Mostly documents in WWW are written by using HTML language. It is the most popular website language used for creating websites. Even if you have someone in your staff with HTML knowledge, the conversion can be difficult and challenging task. If you are searching for best HTML conversion services provider company then you need not to go anywhere. Your search ends here!

We offer a wide range of HTML conversion services using state-of-the-art technologies and experienced professionals. Our experts have proficiency in converting any unstructured data into structured HTML format accurately. The tools and technology we are using allow us to convert hard copy as well as electronic files into HTML files with adequate HTML tags.

We can comfortably handle following types of input files:

  • Text Files
  • XML Files
  • RTF Files
  • PowerPoint Files
  • Flash Files
  • Image Files (TIFF, JPG, GIF, PNG)
  • Most types of databases

The HTML conversion services tools at Data Entry India, can recognize file structure, layout, headings, emphasis, bookmarks, bulleted lists, code samples, tables, images, etc. You get structured, clean and formatted HTML files with adequate HTML tags.

Why Outsource HTML Conversion Services to Data Entry India?

  • 15+ years of experience in providing HTML conversion services to different industries across the globe.
  • Our professional team is capable to handling large volume of HTML conversion in given time.
  • We provide HTML conversion services at very cost-effective price.
  • We use latest technology and most high-tech infrastructure for the execution of HTML conversion.
  • We provide friendly customer service which is available 24X7 to attend your requirements.
  • We keep your data secure and give you back in secure ways.
  • You can save your time and utilize on other core business activities.
  • Conversion from any source format (microfilm, microfiche, print originals and electronic files) to HTML

When you outsource HTML conversion services to us, we deliver you fully customized valid HTML language files which enhancements such as titles, headers, footers, colors, hyperlinks, metadata, bookmarks and keywords. Our professionals can support you in converting or digitizing books, reference works, journals, directories, magazines, catalogs, etc. into HTML web files format.

Our Featured HTML Conversion Services Include:

  • MS-Word to HTML conversion
  • Paper to HTML conversion
  • HTML pages into ASCII text
  • HTML to MS word, MS excel
  • HTML to XML conversion
  • HTML to XHTML conversion
  • PDF to HTML conversion
  • TIFF to HTML conversion
  • JPEG to HTML conversion
  • GIF to HTML conversion
  • PNG to HTML conversion
  • RTF to HTML conversion
  • PSD to HTML conversion
  • PowerPoint to HTML conversion
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